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How to move city name at top center?



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I've just tried fiddling with this myself, and while I was able to move it to the center of the screen it would stretch the box to that side as well.. And no amount of disabling the background from rendering would actually hide the background. I imagine if you make the box as wide as the screen is and simply don't use a background texture, you could technically get away with it? (ie, blank out entitybox.png)


It's not perfect, but you can definitely do it through editing Client and Editor\resources\gui\layouts\game\PlayerBox.json

Change the first Bounds value to something rediculous like "Bounds": "4,4,1000,208" and then go further down to "EntityMapLabel" and set the bounds as follows: "500,6,200,22"


Then make entitybox.png a transparent image, and voila.

Not perfect, and you'll likely need to adjust your UI style to match not having a backdrop.. But it works, to a degree.




heck, I imagine that if you make a piece of UI graphics with this in mind you COULD actually do it justice, and have a UI still. (ie, make a UI piece as wide as your bounds, and add a second section that the map name can display in at your desired location, then adjust the bounds for the text to show up accordingly).




See a quick mock-up:



Image: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/dfc4924b02bbb4e8310603c7956d1ed8.png

Json File: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/671c62f037268e7a49900059e91377bc.json


Your imagination and ability to work with the limitations given to you are the only thing stopping you there, really.


EDIT 2: Just to clarify, this won't scale properly with higher resolutions, since it works with an offset to the left it will never be centered at all resolutions. But you will be able to move it ''out'' from the name section of the player info window.


Also, since the "MouseInputEnabled": false, properly seems to do bugger all, you can't click through the invisible large chunk on your screen. Interesting.

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