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[READ FIRST] Standing Requests & Rules! Please don't make threads for....



It's very obvious that many of you are looking for various features that the base engine does not offer and is not planned on the horizon. As such this thread can serve as a standing request for the following features:


  • Pixel Based/Free Movement
  • Pets
  • Customization for characters (including hair layers)
  • Actual skilling system for stuff like mining/fishing/etc (ie Runescape)


I will likely make stickied threads for the above so they can be discussed in one location along with some of the development difficulties and implementation roadblocks of each. 



Please do not bump topics in source requests. Most requests will likely go unanswered due to lack of programmers, interest in specific features/enhancements, and availability. Be kind and patient once you post your request in hopes that someone gives it a shot.

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