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Hello Ascension Forum members! Im Niko from eclipse if you are not familiar with me. In the past few years I have been working on multiple projects. Most were never completed because of unstable eclipse engines and lack of features ex. So recently I have decided to work on a website and release my game assets to the public. Each game asset pack will come with paper-dolls, tiles, characters, resources and more! Each pack will have a small free version available and a full set for purchase. This way everyone can preview and test before committing and use the sample packs for demos and what not.

So my plan is to start them off very cheap and as they are updated and become more complete sets the price will raise and very. But, if you buy a set you will receive free updates for life. So say you bought a game package for 10-20$ and I updated heavily and expanded it with twice as many graphics. You will still be honored with the 10-20 dollar buy in and receive all the updates and expansions for free even if the price on the website was changed to 40-50 dollars for new buy ins.

Here is a preview of the website


Rogue Like Set:





Dim Horror Platformer Set:



Orderia RPG Set:





I will also be adding gui sets and some audio files to the website so it can sort of be a one stop shop for developers. Guis will be very cheap like 5 Dollars. Audio will also be very cheap. If Jc Snider or Kibbelz decide to add like an asset store Id love to help set things up and add some of my work into it for a special discounted price for site members. Also if you guys every wanted an official Intersect tileset to be packed with the engine don't be afraid to hit me up. My sets have a retro "Indie" feel to them so you wont get anything like rpgm sets but it could help break up the visual monotony we see with games created with these sort of engines.

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