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Need Help Hiring graphic designer (Paying)


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I would love to know some of your alls rates. I always start a project then quit. I have a little more free time than before, so before I grow too old and die I want to get something done for personal reasons. Looking to pay someone for some graphics. I've already made some of my own that I've posted before on some pages. My work just isn't professional or good enough. If somebody wants to make some extra cash message me your rates. Here is what I'm looking for to start.



1) Basic tileset grass, fence, one of two house types to start.. you know basic tile starter set

2) Main default nakey male and female sprites, three enemies, and one NPC like a shop keep.

3) 2 male hair styles, two female.

4) basic starter clothes and basic weapons.



As I expand and actually, for once, get some work done I will need more and pay the same rate as we go forward, or if the workload of requests become greater I will pay more.



What I need from those intersted:


1) Pics of previous work (I prefer a brighter more relaxed style, cartoonish) ((Unique styles are my pref))

2) Your charge rate

3) If you will be available for pay for future graphic requests




I didn't spell check any of that so forgive me if I typed anything that sounds dumb.

I look forward to working with you and thank all of you for your time reading this.


DM me if you want to keep your rates private.

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