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Respawn Points


Does anyone know how to setup respawn points? I managed to get it working a little bit but the tutorial was in Russian, i want to create an event that checks map location (player map is) i've set the trigger to (on respawn) but i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong as now you just respawn at normal class spawn..


at one point in time it would pop up in game chat "Common event killed due to commands processed in a single frame surpassing the event watchdog threshhold. (event death respawn)"

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My solution to that problem:


1º Create a player variable (I will call it 'respawnPoint')

2º Create events wherever you want which set a certain value to 'respawnPoint' (maybe some character the player can talk with, maybe some machine the player can interact with... whatever you want)

3º Create a common event with a On respawn trigger. Create a page (or a conditional branch, thats up to you) for each possible value of 'respawnPoint' and, depending on its value, warp the player to the correct respawn point


With that little system, every time a player dies the common event will start running, will check the value of 'respawnPoint' and will warp him/her to the proper respawn point.

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