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WIP Erathea


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Erathea Online is the project I have worked on for numerous years but now is the time to bring it to life. Life is also the main theme of the game, it's meant to be similar to a life simulator. There won't be any classes or specific roles. You want to be a Warrior, be a Warrior. You want to be a Farmer, be a Farmer. It's that simple, anyone can play anything they want within reasons. For example, you can't play as any non-humanoid race (Dragon, Wolf, etc).



  • No Classes
  • Hundreds of Skills & Spells to learn
  • A vast world to explore
  • Intricate Crafting & Gathering system
  • Player owned land/houses





Intersect Engine to begin with and will most likely be made using a custom engine made from the source when it's released.



Story - 10%

Maps - 0%

Quests - 0%

Monsters - 1%

Equipment - 1%

Spells & Skills - 0%



Great City of Highborough

Plains north of the Great City
Cave in the plains


Of course, as more information gets to a release worthy state, I will edit this post or make another post.


I'm also a very bad writer so don't mind my horrible setup for the game information.

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Dev Update


The next few systems have been fleshed out a little bit more, I'm proud to present to AGD.

Skill Learning & Honor/Reputation


Skill Learning

Players will learn skills by simply using the associated weapon for an extended time.

In this example, the player will use a Longsword but has no training done with it so their skill level is 0, after using it for a while, their skill level is increased to 5, learning a new skill for the Longsword. There will also be numerous variants of skills to learn, please look forward to it.



The name for this system is still somewhat up for debate and will be finalized soon. In essence this system ensures that the players actions affect their standing with other players and NPCs. A Good player will help others with tasks and help out NPCs with quests that benefit the land. A Bad player will refuse to help others and NPC and will go out of their way to kill other players (PK). This system may or may not affect Skill Learning as well.


More will come, but that's it for now o/


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Dev Update


Now I know there hasn't been much done the last couple of days but health issues and observing 9/11 stopped dev for a bit but it's back in full blast.


As I've stated before, the game will not really feature any classes in the traditional sense, instead you'll pick a profession to work in. You can switch profession every once in while (Time lock hasn't been fully determined yet).

Here's the first couple of professions you can pick from:


Lumberjacks cut down trees using axes in the forests to gain logs which in turn can be used to craft new equipment and items.



Carpenters go hand in hand with Lumberjacks and use the logs they gather to craft Bows, Staves, Poles, Furniture and more.



Very similar to Lumberjacks in the sense that it's a gathering profession, they use Pickaxes to gather ores from mineral nodes. This ore in turn can be used to craft metallic items.



Smiths go hand in hand with Miners similar to how Carpenters and Lumberjacks work together. They use the Ores collected by Miners to turn it into Bars and subsequently into Swords, Axes, Armor, etc.



Farmers does what it says on the tin, they work the fields to collect vegetables, fruits and other items that can only be harvested from a farm. Not an easy profession to get into but well worth it.


More to come at a later time once they've all been hashed out properly. But on paper, none of them will be 100% self sufficient as we want players to co-operate with the professions in order to maximize everything.


That's it for now


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Dev Update


Time for the next feature on the road map, hopefully this feature will excite some people as it will be a major thing (I hope..)

Player Owned Housing/Shops

As it say, you'll be able to buy housing in the game and use them as actual housing or you can convert it into a shop and sell your hard earned items through either adventuring or crafting/gathering. These houses will be limited though so act fast before they're gone. (Might make a system to add more plots when it's all taken up just so everyone has a shot at it). These houses will also start out small but you can spend either Gold or Materials to upgrade them, giving you more space to do what you wish with the interior or exterior.


If you choose to make it a home, you can still build multiple things inside of it like a Kitchen, Storage Room etc to make living in Erathea just a little easier.

However if you choose to make it a shop you can designate a room to be the sales floor and place signs, showcases and similar things to sell your wares.


The only stipulation on owning a house/shop is that you have to pay for it on a monthly basis (Might change depending on how we feel like changing the gold sink :P) otherwise you'll get a notice about it being demolished. Any items inside your house/shop will be sent to you via in game mail when it is demolished.


Another small thing being added is what was just mentioned.


In-Game Mail

You'll be able to send and receive mail in the game, send items or just a plain text message to your friends, this way you can send items to them while they're offline and you can take on orders for crafting much easier.


More to come of course so stay tuned :) 


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Dev Update


Oh boy, I almost forgot about giving updates on the progress on the game.

We've been hard at work creating the base for everything and for the last month of so we've been working incredibly hard on Eventing systems & sprites


Here's a few examples, there's a lot more done but this is what I'll show you at this time.



Bronze Sword, Lv1

Wooden Shield, Lv1

Bronze Platemail, Lv1



? Sword, Lv10+
? Shield, Lv10+
? Platemail, Lv10+

Names of equipment has been redacted to not reveal too much of the upcoming story and setup of the game. Hope you enjoy the little sneak preview.



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