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Need Help [Paid] Need characters/sprites maker


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Hello everyone,


I currently need someone to make characters and paperdolls for me.

I will pay you for your services.


I use RPG maker VX ace and I need characters in VX Ace RTP style.

For the moment I need 5 characters and 12 paperdolls but I will need more during the summer.

If you are only avaible to make just 1 or 2 characters it's also good for me.


If you are interested feel free to contact me here or on discord : Lupilo#8143.


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I need basic sprites with casual clothes (cap, shirts boots etc...) and if the sprite has for example a cap, I need the paperdolls of the cap.

I will also need monster, I only need a mimic chest for the moment.


If you add me on discord I can show you a picture and specific details that I neeed.


Edit : It doesn't need to be "professionnal", if we can distinguish the importants details it's perfect, it doesn't need to be perfectly harmonious.

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I think he’s just looking for pixel artist in general. Doesn’t really matter what engine he’s using when considering a pixel artist. And maybe he has posted on the rig maker forums as well. Just my thoughts anyways. 

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I am a professional graphic artist outside of these forums.


If you are interested I can DM you examples of my work and/or portfolio if desired.


Can you provide more details about your project, such as your deadline, budget, and style requirements?


Any other additional details would likely help.

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