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Statut server with php



Hello, I'm looking for a way via my website to display the status of the server whether it is online or not. On the internet I found code vouchers but it doesn't work:


$debug = true;
$site = 'udp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx';
$port = '5400';
$check = fsockopen( $site, $port, $errno, $errstr, 6 );
if ( ! $check ) {
      echo "Error #$errno : $errstr <br>";
   echo 'Offline';     
else {
   echo 'Online';


whether I put one port or the other it always tells me online

thank you for your help


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Instead of trying to query your server directly (which won't work until the API is available) use our status checker within your script:



That will return a number.


    -1: Server is offline or unreachable

>= 0: Number of players online.

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