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how to use the intersect engine program not as a mmo but as a multiplayer of 4 or 8 players




Hi I would like to know if you can use the engine of games intersect engine as to make games of local network (I do not know how to say that you can only play with your friends and that is not a mmo)

so when someone wants to play my game with friends download the files next to the server, when you run the server you can enter to play your friends. I can not afford something like a server.



Thank you

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You can use LAN to connect directly to one another's computer. Another way, that I find easier because you don't have to worry as much about firewalls, is to use a VPN server like Hamachi. Hamachi's free version allows up to 5 computers to connect, which could be great to test out the game you are making. If you try that out and have problems getting it to work, I can try and walk you through it. But it isn't that difficult, you'd just change your config file in your client resource folder to use the IP address of the hamachi server that you create. Hope that helps.



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