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  1. \evtparam{#} Still working on the 7,0 Version?
  2. Alguem tem a Tradução do Orion + 2.0 Engine ai?
  3. I got it! I Found what I did wrong! Sorry for that! Thanks everyone
  4. I'm turn on the server, after that I ran the game client. everything is good. Imagem: After that I Press Play, put the login and password and got online. ( Good ) I tryed to make a new Character and look what happend. Translate image error: System.NullReferenceException: 'Object reference not defined for an instance of an object.'
  5. I cant see that part of the tutorial! but the others parts are awesome
  6. I got it, but on the Orion + I gonna need to download a Orion Plus Game Open Source to do that. I Downloaded it and when i run the game, the game crash! I dont know what I need to do! On the Intersect, I learned how to cash the X, Y axes, but not how to add new button on the Form menu;
  7. I want to change the x,y axes buttons , and make others changes.. where is the script to do this?
  8. How the Darkstory online game put q news button on they game?
  9. I want to add on \Client and Editor\resources\gui\layouts\menu\CharacterSelectionWindow.json ou other jsons classes a new back button, becouse doesnt have. How can I do?
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