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Multiple Quest Rewards w/ Fallback


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I'd like to share my method for creating multiple quest rewards. This method checks each time to see if there is available space in your inventory, so that you can have as many rewards as you want without having to worry about the player not getting the items.

To do this simply create a variable for your event (the one that has the quest). This will be used to determine which page you are on. Next create a variable called "(Something) Rewards". This variable will determine which item is being rewarded in the sequence. 

Here are the conditions for the 3rd page. Here, the player is tasked to return to the Disciple with 20 Poisoner Flower. The condition is that Disciple Worship is 1 & the player is on the task to return to the Disciple (Event Driven):


And here are the event commands. This part is as simple as using conditional branches to determine whether or not you already received the reward. If the quest was to retrieve items, be sure to take the items first. Afterwards, increment the variable to begin giving the rewards.



If the item is not given, it is assumed the player doesn't have space. The dialogue then says "You need more room in your inventory".

In this case I have a repeatable quest so at the end of the page I am setting the "Disciple Worship" variable back to 0 (1st page), and "Disciple Rewards" to 0. In the case of non-repeatable quests, simply make a 4th page with a condition "Some Quest = 2" and set the page variable to 2 instead of 0. Be sure to run End Task or End Quest as well. (May differ depending on your setup)

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1 hour ago, Khaikaa said:

As an add to this system, I designed one which lets you know how many empty slots a player has, so you can decide if give him the items or not:



Nice. These will work good together.

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Edited the main post to include commands for taking items (in the case of retrieval quests), and slightly altered the Execution Conditions - using Quest in Progress instead of Quest Complete.

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