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Water Drainage System


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Here's a fairly straight-forward tutorial for a water drainage system. For those of you who've played Zelda: LTTP or Super Mario RPG you know what I'm talkin about..

For those of you haven't, this system is useful for blocking areas with water until you activate a switch. For example you could have a whole ground layer covered in water, with an area on another level above it that you use grapplehooks or bridges to navigate until the ground layer is free of water. The options are pretty endless and this has been used many times in various RPG games.

To achieve this effect simply create animations for each of your water sections. Unless you have no borders on your water texture, the total animations will be 9: Top left, top, top right, left, middle, right, bottom left, bottom, and bottom right. Here is a picture showing each of the animation pieces that I used:


After you have your animation pieces, simply make an event that activates a switch. Then place down events for EACH water section, each with two pages. (Copy and paste helps here) On the first page simply select the appropriate animation (from the 9 total), and on the second select no animation with an Execution condition (If the switch is true).

Here is a video of it in action:


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