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Found some Fogs


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I'm scouring the net for some fogs, animations, and other content that we're lacking for the Beta 6 asset pack.


I found an old RPG Maker community and a user there by the handle Fourtysixand2 who made some fogs back in 2007.


Sadly there is no official license attached, so we won't be using them in the new asset pack but I still wanted to share them here :)


8efff7d38b9a57c9939c33bd092c76ae.png 276b59efc3afe3cf4c1e39c1bfcb544f.png 


9a85a2e517216d33aace13c827c525af.png faea4b1aa5df3a651890938ae407e207.png


ab3792eb764ac9e86ff5e83d9752fcb7.png 3a05e0e0b81995cc1f567df565ba73f6.png  5ae0f55368c6b4c66398ec18b6d6f9c7.png



and more :)



Grab the full set here:





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