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How Blocking/Parade is Working ?



Hello folks =D


First of all i apologize if the question was already answered but i didn't find something relevant with my search ...


I've not already try to play with all the functionnality of the engine as for now i've change the way i made games and didn't walk blind anymore and for that i'm currently working on my "paper" Game Design Document for have some route to follow on my journey to Finish ( I hope x) ) my first Online Game.


So that's say ^^...


I come to you because i'm looking for some already built in system at this step of the engine and before the sources release to think about some mechanics of gameplay, i've see that there is a key for Blocking attack on the client ... My question was the next : How did the block/parade system work actually, i'v try to add a shield ( and it doesn't have the option to block for exemple xx% of physical damage or xx% of Magical Damage or both ... ) So currently you can only affect pure stats and so on i don't understand how this system work, because if you can only alter pure stats and not add a real Block percentage when holding the key i don't know why we can block as the engine already calculate how much damage an enemy will deal to the player by substract the base damage x enemy stats to the player Health - Armor - Magical resist etc ... ^^, so i think there is something i didn't find, understand or misunderstood, it's in search of this answer i came to you =)


Hope you have understand what i mean as english wasn't my native language and i try to understand some mechanic which was simple but hard to keep in mind when you lack of word for understand the technical language ^^.


Thank you for reading =p

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Thank you JC as ever the best ^^


I've found the Block Slow option under config.json but i didn't find the Damage reduction ^^', and i understand well how it's work basically all shield share the same % ... So do you think you could plan to add an option to modify this value by shield instead of whole shield on the items editor in future update ? =)


Thanks =D

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Check the answer and other question ^^'
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