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Help with spells\skills



how do I work with character skills ?
I added a skill - appointed him to LVL 2, then added the animation and sound. Added this skill to the class suitable for it, when the client starts, nothing happens, the skill is not added.
 Already did the voice of the hen which cackles in case of shock and standard shock (when the player without a weapon). But with skills that do not work out, I hope for your experience

Yes, I was right, I had to create a new account to check ordinary skill, and animation a already existing account is not added. I wonder how then do updates on the server for all players, every time they re-register will have?
I apologize that created a redundant question on the forum, just waited until he figured out what was happening.

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I don't believe it will give you the skill unless you make an event in the common events that's like if player is = lv2 then grant "Slash" spell or something. If you dont want to do this I believe you can make an item that teaches u the spell. 


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