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Deruvial - WIP


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Just got torches and animated stuff, working doors as well as tentative z sorting added to this. Super excited.

The working title is Deruvial. It's planned to be dungeon crawler that's a mix of Diablo and Zelda, using the SNES resolution and playable up to 4 players local coop via controllers.

The players are all implemented and can move, but their attacks are non functional at the moment. Player 1 can play via keyboard (WASD) and mouse _or_ controller.

I have 2 enemies, one with a semi complex AI.

Pretty simple at the moment but I hope to flesh it out much more in the future.

You can find a functional version of the "game" so far here. All of the art is mine. 100%. The music is a CC0 piece from Opengameart and possibly going to change.


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