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Why is this happening?



Hi, as many of you already know, I released the closed alpha client for testing purposes. The issue is that 1 person had the following problem:


The intersect client ran very slowly, he needed like 2 minutes just for creating an account. After that, he could play the game "normally" (still very slow) until he arrived to a big area(9 linked maps). At this point, everything went black except for the gui.


His OS is Windows 10, with Intel Pentum 2.40GHz and 4GB RAM. 4.7 Net Framework version installed. All logs are clean, no clue of what could be happening inside intersect engine.


Any idea and/or solution?

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I would also say it is a graphics card / driver issue or a mis-configuration. My laptop uses an Intel HD integrated chipset too. It took some futzing about to get it as stable as i have.  here are my settings. I took a few screenshots of them for you guys. i hope these settings may help others out.


Display settings



3D Settings



Power Settings



Video Settings


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