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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to write an event triggered on login to read a last system time(ms) variable to output the players last login time to the chatbox. It successfully places the last login time to the variable, and successfully reads the variable and outputs the (ms) value to the chatbox as millisecond values, though this means nothing to the players nor myself. Is there any way I can use this (ms) time and convert it to a human readable format like dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm to display in the chat box?? Thanks in advance y'all. TheKezStrel
  2. I would also say it is a graphics card / driver issue or a mis-configuration. My laptop uses an Intel HD integrated chipset too. It took some futzing about to get it as stable as i have. here are my settings. I took a few screenshots of them for you guys. i hope these settings may help others out. Display settings 3D Settings Power Settings Video Settings
  3. These will have to be built in the events / Variable editors themselves for now. There are no plans for a hard coded "guild" system.
  4. If your item type is selected as a weapon, the paperdoll options come up. There is an excellent paperdoll tutorial in the tutorial section here ->
  5. A shame for now, but worth sticking on the back burner for a future release?? I'm no good with coding so unable to even implement something like this, but would love to have the option do this or it's current google drive option.
  6. Would you be able to add in the ability to update direct from a web server?? I have a hosting solution for the base website I wish to use for promoting my game and i'm hosting my dev server on my home laptop, but I would like my updates to come direct from my own web server and not google drive. Is there any way of doing this?? Thanks in advance. TheKezStrel (KP)
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