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  1. Hi all, Again, sorry for the excessive posts. But.......... Found this which may be useful if it is sqlite issue. https://askubuntu.com/questions/138284/how-to-downgrade-a-package-via-apt-get Also aptitude package manager may help here if dependencies need to be changed also. Again, Hope this helps. TheKezStrel
  2. Hi all. As a further update, I have managed to log into my control panel and see what O.S. was installed. The O.S. on the virtual server in the Oracle Cloud is CentOS-7-2020.01.27-0 Weather that has any bearing on your issue Guite Emortal, I have no idea. Hopefully it was just an issue with not running under admin (sudo). The TMUX was so it could continue running whilst I logged off. Let us know if you have any further issues or if this fixes it for you. TheKezStrel
  3. HI, I'm Running Intersect on a virtual Linux server in the Oracle cloud with the same version of mono as wishy has, yet my SQlite versions are 3.7.17 and DB-API 2.6.0. I had similar issues when running Intersect and when I disconnected if it did run, the server closed. The answer for me was to run intersect in a tmux shell (a terminal emulator program) AS ADMIN (sudo). Log into your server and type tmux. This will give you a terminal window with a green footer. When in tmux, run sudo mono "Intersect Server.exe" or whatever your .exe file is called in "speech marks" This should run your server. To exit and let your server run unattended press [CTRL] + {B} to issue a command to tmux, then press [D] to disconnect from the terminal and return to your standard prompt. You can disconnect now and it should run all the time. To admin your server from the terminal again, connect to your server normally and type tmux attach I hope this helps. TheKezStrel
  4. If you get a lot of error lines, always run from the directory the server is installed as a root user or as... sudo mono "Intersect Server.exe"
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to write an event triggered on login to read a last system time(ms) variable to output the players last login time to the chatbox. It successfully places the last login time to the variable, and successfully reads the variable and outputs the (ms) value to the chatbox as millisecond values, though this means nothing to the players nor myself. Is there any way I can use this (ms) time and convert it to a human readable format like dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm to display in the chat box?? Thanks in advance y'all. TheKezStrel
  6. I would also say it is a graphics card / driver issue or a mis-configuration. My laptop uses an Intel HD integrated chipset too. It took some futzing about to get it as stable as i have. here are my settings. I took a few screenshots of them for you guys. i hope these settings may help others out. Display settings 3D Settings Power Settings Video Settings
  7. These will have to be built in the events / Variable editors themselves for now. There are no plans for a hard coded "guild" system.
  8. If your item type is selected as a weapon, the paperdoll options come up. There is an excellent paperdoll tutorial in the tutorial section here ->
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