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Dev Blog 03/02/2016 - Making Event Commands Work Part 2


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Making Event Commands Work Part 2

Dev Blog 03/02/2016


Event Commands are Up and Running

The following commands are now working...

Restore HP/MP

Level Up

Give Exp

Set Level

Change Spells (Give/Take) -- Video

Change Items (Give/Take) -- Video

Change Sprite -- Video

Change Face -- See Video Above

Change Gender -- This one works, just trust me XD

and Setting Access (no idea why an event should give someone access to modify the game but whatever :D)

Event labels and gotos are also working:

Even if you have something semi complex like seen below you can jump into conditional branches, back to the top, down to the end etc without any sort of problem


Move Routes are Started too:


Player Tracking:


Player Chasing/Fleeing:


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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is this not the best thing in life at the moment :P

Yes sir. Keep up the momentum!

By the way, is the "things left to do" thread still accurate in regards to what's left before release?

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