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Mapping Our WIP Map

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1. Use detail in a way that does not look repetitive. Placing too many of the same detail makes the map lack graphical content. Keep a nice spread between different details across the map. Using different ground types on top of primary grounds make the map look more exquisite.


2. Use trees based by theme, in a forest; Obviously there will be tons of trees, in plains; Not so much. In cities; Not so much, in cliff bases; A few. If your tilesets have more than one variable of tree look in the same theme, try to mix them up randomly.


3. Cliffs and rivers are natural, so to keep a nice look on those, try using less straight or symmetric styles, go more for a natural feel using a lot of turns, stack cliffs onto cliffs, and as Kibblez said previously, make sure your heights are consistent in cliffing.


Most mapping styles closes off the size of map by use of cliffs, water, trees or wall structures. Try to add variety to a map by the use of closing off map size.

In this map below, I used water to close off the size of this map.



Most important tip to mapping is; Time, patience and feeling.


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Thank you guys for all the great advice!

I very much like the idea of closing off the map with natural environment like cliffs and water to minimize the focus on the map and be able to focus on the variety in a smaller set of tiles. She decided to scrap the map and work on it again with the new goals and suggestions in mind. We will update this thread when we feel we have something worthy of showing.

Thanks again!

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