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Ive found this very useful for 2d games. Its not for beginners but what do I know. The C++ documentation will help you get started.



SFML.Net is the official binding of SFML for the .Net language family (C#, VB.Net, C++/CLI, etc.). It is built on top of the C binding, CSFML, to ensure maximum compatibility across platforms (i.e. it works with Mono). The API of SFML.Net is close to the C++ one, but in the .Net style: naming conventions are different, event handling uses native event support, etc. So don't hesitate to have a look at the API documentation and at the provided examples, before posting questions on the forum.

Since the SFML.Net API is similar to SFML, there's no tutorial for it; but you can follow the C++ tutorials available on this website, and adapt them to your preferred .Net language very easily. The API documentation, generated from the source code, is available and included in the downloadable packages below.





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