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Need Help [paid] looking for pixel artists


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Hi everyone, as some of you may know, I'm looking for pixel artists. I currently have 1 pixel artist on my team, but there are too many resources we need for just 1 person. If you are a pixel artist looking for some work this is your place. Show me some of your work and if I like what do you do I'll pm you.


I'll pay, but I'll ask for little jobs maybe each week. I'm a non-working student so it takes a bit for me getting some money. I will never ask for a job if I don't have the money to afford it.



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I'm really need of a pixel artist to give a unique identity to my project. I looked at the tileset above and I liked it a lot, I'm creating the game Elder Tales and I already own a good community, I wish I could deliver something of more quality to my players. I can pay for jobs via paypal. It would be great help, it looks for freelancers but until then nothing; x

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