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Need Help Recruiting a Mapper for Life Forge


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I'll get right to the point in saying Life Forge is looking for a dependable mapper. The position is currently unpaid, but if we are successful this Christmas, the position becomes paid, with said Mapper receiving a percentage of the earnings monthly.


We're looking for a mapper who is skilled in the designing of maps. Someone who can take a documented idea and bring it to life in a timely fashion. This Mapper will be given a probationary period in which to establish themselves as a full member of the Life Forge team. If successful, they would be taking on the position of official mapper for Life Forge. You would be mapping out all of the game's new areas, as well as acting as a moderator in select situations. We'd like to have this position filled as soon as possible, so by the end of the week we'll be going through all submissions and selecting who we think is the best fit for us.


To apply, simply sent us examples of previous works, your time zone, and a brief summary of your free time you would be willing to dedicate to Life Forge and this position. You can message me here, or on www.LifeForgeRPG.com. We look forward to working with you, whoever you are!


EDIT* Thought I should give a little more info on Life Forge for peeps who don't know much about it. 


Life Forge is a free 2D ORPG on available on Steam. The game features over 100 hours of content, with about 1600 hours if you include the grind for absolute completion (yes, we have a player who's done this). The game features a massive world, custom artwork, unique features, and a cosmetic based payment system. We've also added Housing and Farming in one of our latest updates to Life Forge. Be sure to check it out. Thank you.



Applications are due by NEXT SUNDAY - DEC 10

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