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Hello, i'm french, sorry for my english !





Numtopia Online

What is it?

Numtopia Online is a small ORPG developed with Intersect 2D. The game will immerse the player in the world of Melynnon.


The story

Two hundred years ago, the seven kingdoms of Melynnon were devastated by the great war against the evil forces called the Ne'Pry.

A race using the magic of nothingness to control the elements of natures such as animals or other creature, which gives them a powerful armies. The seven kingdoms managed to lock Resh'zu into Todem's space.

Todem is a huge magical fortress once fortified by the Kair.
Resh'zu to successful find all his magic power and destroyed the space of Todem, two hundred years later he is back, and want to annihilate the world of the seven kingdoms.


The people of Melynnon are numerous and all have a peculiarity of their own, it took a few months but now we have the name of each people, here they are:
Kairi, Ill'Caris, Micathia, Helodyns, Aquavians, Moatis and Zornums.
Each people will have their own characteristics and different style of play. Each kingdom will have a different specificity. The history of the seven kingdoms will be available soon.


The gameplay


  • Quest system
  • PvP system
  • Craft and skill system
  • Friends and group system
  • Navigation system by the sea









The links
Our sites
Our development blog: https://web-play.fr
Our forums: http://web-play.fr/forum/communaute/numtopia-online/

Game Page : https://web-play.fr/numtopia-online/detail/

French Version : 

More information
Road map: http://web-play.fr/forum/Sujet/feuille-de-route/
Logbook: http://web-play.fr/forum/Sujet/journal-de-bord/

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