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can the available active skill slots be reduced?



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the hotbar ? 3627f2dccf65820daab92d4f76ea6459.png


Yes, open the InGame.xml in the client resources folder -> gui


1) press ctrl + F and search "<HotbarWindow>" -> you will need to reduce the "384" in <Bounds>640,0,384,54</Bounds> of the <HotbarWindow> to don't have an empty space in the hotbar window.


2) search the <HotbarContainer5>, <HotbarContainer6>... until the <HotbarContainer9> (last one)


Each <HotbarContainer> have a line "<Disabled>False</Disabled>" and a line "<Hidden>False</Hidden>"


Change the False to true.




If you mean all the spell that the player can have:


Go in the config.xml of the server and search the line "<MaxSpells>20</MaxSpells>" and change the number by 5.






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