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The answer at this time is No.  But take that with a grain of salt.. we could have the engine search for .xml files with each specific resolution and load them if they exist.


Currently, we have one xml file that is able to use some trickery with anchoring for our UI to work on all resolutions. For example, let's look at our hotbar:


The GUI code has 'Alignment' options.


For example:




Alignments are top and right.

Alignment edge distances are at least 0 pixels from the left, at least 4 pixels from the top, at least 4 pixels from the right and at least 0 pixels from the bottom of the screen.


The GUI does not "scale/stretch" with the resolution. Instead, for this hotbar it is always placed in the top right of the screen 4 pixels away from the top and right border.







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