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Need Help Shadows of Mayhem - Seeking experienced mappers/eventers


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Hey guys,

It is very early days in my project yet, I have been concepting it for a few weeks, but as the asset preperation nears completion and the story, plot and concept continues to develop I seek a small team of experienced mappers/eventers to help bring the game to fruition.


Name: Shadows of Mayhem

Engine: Intersect

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Style: Realism (as opposed to anime)

Compensation: Rev share pending source code and game release (to be decided but likely optional membership and/or cosmetic/aesthetic item shop (NOT Pay to win))

Current team: Me (project leader, head mapper, story and concept author, asset prep) , Grimston: Head developer

website: https://shadowsofmayhem.tk  (dont mind the slow speed of site this will eventually be addressed)

Requirements for application: Please post a little about yourself, some details and screens of previous work and what you expect to gain/contribute by joining our team

In theory: This game will be heavily story driven as well as having an openesque (not 100%) world with mmo elements including world bosses, choices and (eventually) factions.





As children, we were told that all good stories start with a beginning, continue with a middle and finish with an end. I suppose for all practical purposes the same is true for this particular story, yet as you enter it now, shortly after its beginning, its dark course has already been set in stone. Furthermore, ‘Good’ is a hardly a word I would use to describe what has come to pass.


Treviskad, once the envy of all the kingdoms in the land, we had it all; Prosperity, Wealth, Good Fortune and Power. But like all things eventually do, those traits of Treviskad have ceased to remain.


His name? Lord Maliss, Maliss Al-Kharesh to be precise. He, the perpetrator of Darkness and Messiah to those of the Western Occults was once a respected Aether-Mystic of Treviskad and key advisor to my father. however now he plays a much more sinister role in our story.


The wonders of the old kingdom had always been told, as well as those of its forgotten treasures and artifacts said to contain untold power. Although I never believed it at the time, it would seem there was at least some truth about these fantastical fairytales oftentimes told as Childrens stories.


At my fathers command, Maliss was dispatched with 100 soldiers to the old kingdom in pursuit of proof of these fairytales. No one really knows how it happened, but of the 101 sent, a single man would return, yet he would not be alone nor was he the same man that had been sent a mere 3 months earlier. Upon his return, the bedraggled Mallis, carried in his hands a single book


We call it the Tome of Shadows, for fear of its true name, but in truth it is more than the rotting paper it appears as, and cannot have been made by any mortal being from this world.

In the weeks that followed Maliss’s return, he locked himself within our Library of Light, and not once left for rest nor food. Rumours began to blossom of ominous chants and sounds not thought to be from this world emerging from the Library. By the time Maliss emerged 3 whole cycles after his return, Treviskad, once the Capitol of the Sun-dwellers, was already shrouded in what we now refer to as ’The Eternal Darkness.’


You may ask why I am telling you this and here is your answer. My name is Alleah-Sun-Liberatus and I am the sole remaining heir to the Treviskadian throne. My part in this story has far from concluded, but yours has just began. You must escape Treviskad young hero, and travel to the continent in the east. It is there in the Sky City of Dayelighte, the home of Treviskads closest Allies, the Crimson Cross that I will meet you. Make haste!


As children, we were told that all good stories start with a beginning, continue with a middle and finish with an end….. I have told you the beginning, placed you in the middle, and now it is up to you to shape what will become the end. Only you can prevent the impending Shadows of Mayhem, afterall, this is your story.




Screens & concepts:

1. Screenshot



2. World Boss Concepts



Thanks in advance guys and i look forward to seeing your work and talents in order to make this project a success.


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