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Base Stats Explained



Can someone please explain the relationship among the base stats and how they affect combat? Without source code, it's difficult to dig into the details of all this. I know that eventually a robust answer will exist here, but until then, please help me understand what's going on. Specifically, I have no idea what the "Points" base stat does to a combat class. (But, I'd still appreciate a quick explanation over each of them).


I will highlight the areas that I know the least about. As I can already infer:


HP: Health Points. When health = 0, the player dies.

Mana: Magic Points. Mana is spent when certain spells / abilities require it spent. If the player has < the amount of required Mana for an ability, they can no longer use that ability.

Attack: Physical Power. Somehow calculates damage. Preferred usage on physical damage sources.

Ability Power:  Somehow calculates damage. Preferred usage on magical damage sources.

Armor: Physical Resistance. Somehow calculates a resistance to "Attack" sources.

Magical Resistance: Somehow calculates a resistance to "Ability Power" sources.

Speed: Movement speed? Attack speed? Cast speed?

Points: No idea.


I appreciate any clarification you can offer. I also searched the forums and didn't find any explicit answers, so I figured I'd edit this as I gain replies to help others quickly find this information in the future (until the documentation is finished).


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Like Eins said, it's definitely useful to look at the formulas. You can define how they correlate, and also how gear affects them. Also, the points section is how many points that class starts with that can be allocated into a stat of the player's choosing.


I encourage you to take a look into Ambard's video tutorials. They're pretty good, although a bit dated now since Intersect has switched to Robin's Dark UI library.


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