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I've been gone for a while, Hi everyone, getting my Real Estate License and with school in an adventure to get my Law Degree (Tho that is a few years away). My question now is I want to make a website now, for practice, and the purpose of this site is a few different things. (Note none of those things will involve either of my professional career choices, but really what I do in my spare time with graphic design, music composition, and the small project I've been working on and not posting about the past few months.

I will be looking to have a site that will do the following:

- Have an option to browse GFX I've made in my portfolio/request custom Graphics for purchase or for free


- Same here with music I have made

- Have a link to look at my game, Download, and play it. (I don't intend of having a fully dedicated site for my game, but rather a side option on this site to further enhance my portfolio.)


- And a forum link, which if possible, I would like to have linked through social media platforms for easy login and access.



An obviously a description of me and whatever else, but here is the kicker....

I don't have really much of any experience building websites first hand. I've been looking into Wordpress and Bootstrap the past two or three days, but I don't really know where to start or what I am looking at. I more or less am looking for someone to point me in the right direction with some advice (Note I want to do this myself with as little help as possible).

I have my current URLs bought under GoDaddy and was about to purchase some space and a Wordpress package but decided to come here first for some advice.

So.... Where do I start? Lol.

Thanks for your time in Advance,


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I tend to use Bootstrap also, and when I was first starting out with webdesign I couldn't really find some good solid examples of it. With that said, https://bootstrapstudio.io/ is a great tool to make a nice sleek professional website along with the ability to add your own code as you go. It has a nice Live preview as you're working on it. If you don't want to be bound by Bootstrap you can give out Brackets for just a nice clean editor for your normal HTML, CSS, JS http://brackets.io/  It also has a live preview as you build and code.

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