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Going to start by pointing out that Henrik pointed this out to me. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but I want to keep it here for my own personal safekeeping and it might help others. Check it out!

(I am told that the 10 minute mark is the most important part)

Thanks Henrik!

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I owe this guy alot. I went from an office job to working from my home off of residual income from websites. He really tells it straight on web development topics. Smart guy, can't be fooled by the name haha.

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I know this is a necropost, but this video is really missing a lot of what SEO is; from my experience, SEO is a lot more technical and complicated than his 2 points.

There's a lot of work that you can do in your code to improve your standing, like usage of microdata rich snippets, semantic markup, meaningful HTML class names, mobile responsiveness, and more...

It's absolutely not as simple as he suggests, and even if you do everything right, it's still not guarnateed.

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Sure you can go as deep as you want with anything.

For a major company or organization thats fine. Go balls deep.

For a small home business or game developer. All you really need to do is this. What matters is results v. effort (When working at that scale)

I follow this method and I am quite successful at affiliate marketing, was able to quit my day job.

I respect your opinion, do things however you would like. SEO is def a deep subject. But I like to melt things down to practicality :)

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