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Best method, Locked doors



Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I can't think of an efficient way to manage locked doors.

I can do the mechanics of a door opening and closing, with the door as an event, using either animations or sprite direction, and using move route to set walkthrough on & off.

My problem is triggering the event to do this. There would be various reasons why a door would be locked or not, example having a key, completed a certain amount of quest progress or interacting with an event(person).

The best way I can think of, can't actually be done. That would be to set the self switch of the event door via another event.

One possible ways would be to do it via a global switches or variables, but having this for every single door in a game with 500+ doors is not efficient or easily managable

Another possible way is to do the door mechanics not on the event door, but on the trigger event via move route method onto the event door, but then this needs to be implamented onto every trigger often with variation.

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As JC said, Player Switches are the way to go for doors in almost every case.


1) Click Door.

2) Event Runs and checks condition if you have the key in your inventory.

3) Use Self-Switch(s) to open door (do animation).

4) Teleport.

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