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Timed items and player respawn



Hello, I started using the Intersect Engine a few weeks ago, so I have a few questions:


  • Is it possible to create an item that has a life time?

For example, a sword that lasts 7 days in the player's inventory, and after that it disappears.


  • Is it possible to change the respawn place of the characters?

For example, I'm on island 1, when I die I go back to the local village, which is on island 1. One day I decide to go to the main city, which is on island 2, so I'll talk to a npc that will change my respawn place to this new city, and when I die on island 2, I'm going back to the main city on island 2. Is it possible to do this in the game through events or some other way?


For now, these are my doubts, I will be grateful to be helped :)

Sorry for my bad English :c

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11 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@Kyrise I don't think either of these are doable yet and they seem like great ideas so I suggest making them suggestions or if the devs don't do it, you could do it with the source when that comes out. (Sorry about that.)

Oh, I did not find anything about this in the editor, so I thought I could not really do this and decided to ask.
I think it would be very interesting to have these functions in the engine, be able to set "Item time" in the item editor, and "Set player respawn" in the event settings. These functions would bring many interesting possibilities.


Anyway, thanks for replying ^^

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