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SFML vs MonoGame


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I'm considering switching my graphics library to MonoGame. I know it has a lot more to offer and my biggest reason is cross platform support. I have been working with SFML since I discovered it via Ascension. Its a great library that I have had to do some minor work too but still met my needs. Now I am finding it lacking in a lot of areas that MonoGame doesn't. I haven't rewritten anything yet but was curios at the experience other users have had with MonoGame. Also was it easy to switch over to the pipeline and did the pipeline make development easier and more efficient. Im just really wondering what are the pros and cons and issues that the community may have ran into using it. Any and all opinions welcome.

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MonoGame in my experience bests SFML in almost every way.


My only complaint it the pipeline. It added an extra unnecessary learning curve in my opinion.   That being said it really isn't hard to use and you can bypass it in most instances. (Exceptions being creating fonts and shaders)


Performance and memory management in Monogame is significantly better. That makes it worth switching even if they didn't offer cross platforms support. If you can handle the transition I recommend you go for it.

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