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[WIP] A to Z Intersect guide (french)


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Hi everybody.

I'm making a serie of videos to learn how to use Intersect Engine to make an ORPG.

Starting from install to final distribution, this guide will help makers to learn the basics of Intersect.

All the videos are in french, but if someone want to translate it in english, feel free to contact me ;).

There is currently 19 videos aviable in the playlist.


Engine version : From Alpha 1.9 to Beta 1

First video date : 12/04/2016

Last video date : 01/08/2016

Language : French


Table of Content :

  1. Installation
    1. Introduction and Installation
    2. Installation on Linux
    3. Editor overview
  2. Map editor
    1. Make a map #1
    2. Make a map #2
    3. Make a map #3
    4. Make a map #4
  3. Objects
    1. Find pictures
    2. Create an object
    3. Make a shop
    4. Make a bank
    5. Class limited objects
  4. Spells
    1. Healing spell
    2. Attack spell with projectile
  5. Lights
    1. Day/Night cycle
    2. Night lights
  6. Quests
    1. Make a "FEDEX" quest (alpha 1.9)
  7. Misc.
    1. Create a mob
    2. Make a new class
    3. Make a resource






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Thank you for tutorials! Even though they are in French, and I do not speak french, going off the titled links in the OP, I was able to just follow along with you and figure out what was going on.

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Thank you for the tutorial its really great, i will be watching them all for the days to come to learn eveyrthing to make my game!


Merci pour les tutorial tu as fais une belle job!! je vais les écouté durant les prochains jours pour savoir comment marche tout les options du programe pour faire mon MMORPG!



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I finished all the video and it has been very instructive. I look forward to next one, thank you ;)


PS: I didn't know that you was in this forum. Thanks @PhenomenalDitto


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