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  1. What is the point of asking questions at all if the answer in the question forum is "Do the thing you were already going to do because if I help tell you which files you will find when you do it would be hand-holding." Is the point of this program that it's for not professional coder? So the answer "be an expert" is redundant. What is the purpose of this forum at all?
  2. Way to sell a product. Thanks for the gatekeeping. I am just not going to use this beta program. Waste of time.
  3. Learn to teach if you are going to respond or don't respond at all
  4. Add on to this question. Which files hold the movement speed such that I can code my run button. I see Intersect.Client.Entities.Entity and .player have code related to it, what other files are tied into this movement
  5. Is there anyway to change the source code? Two examples: 1) If I comment out the MPBar from playerbox.json the compiler sweeps through and removes my comment-out and replaces it with a boundary of 0,0,1,1, and nullifies everything. Ok, fine whatever, I can deal with nulling it out, however... 2) When I add a fourth bar to the playerbox (Replaced HP to Health, Mp to hunger, exp to thirst, and want a fourth bar for stamina) the compiler sweeps through and just deletes the code. What is cleaning this up (where is it in the folders) and can I remove that feature so that I can change the code?
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