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  1. Kuskus


    Is there a way to allow the character to press a specific button to let them run? Is there even a run function?
  2. I noticed that the BGM does not loop infinitely and I would like it to. How do you get the music to continuously loop? Edit: nevermind... but how do I make the BGM swap for night time?
  3. OMG I didn't realize you could double click the @! Thank you lol
  4. Mk yes there's a event but does it allow me to have a dialog box pop up with a list of available warp points they can choose from? I'm actually not having much luck.
  5. So I was excited to see how flexible the engine is, the only thing stopping me from doing any sort of developing now that I have my map and some assets inserted is actually making interactive content. It looks like everything has to be hand coded, there's no easy click this button here to do this stuff. I want either to utilize the NPC with no sprite or Event function so that when the player hits the action button in that spot it opens a menu or dialog box where it asks the player where they want to warp. Then after that they have a choice of where they would like to go. I have absolutely no idea where to begin adding in those functions xD. I have no problems learning new things but since this is all very new to me I'm probably going to be coming back here repeatedly off and on to do new things just to make sure everything gets done right.
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