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  1. Thanks worked. What happens if you are using day and night?
  2. I can't get lights to work at all even in editor I tried turning everything to Zero is it the build i'm using it something?
  3. Its a lot of an event... like page full should I just upload image of it? Ok it removes all my events on my first death but if I log back in they all back and it doesn't happen again.
  4. My event disappears if I die but if I log back in it reappears is this a bug anyone else had this issue?
  5. Can someone please explain what adding a stat scaling percent does? For example attack. Thanks.
  6. Why does it have "Arena": false, "Normal": false, "Safe": true Can you explain more? What is Arena?
  7. Can somebody please tell me what these options are for? "Passability": { "Arena": false, "Normal": false, "Safe": true and also what this is for "AnimatedSprites": [],
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