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  1. I was reading through the roadmap and saw that Intersect version 1.0.0 is to be hopefully released on Steam. Because of this, I'm confused on whether the steam release will be free of charge or paid for?
  2. Don't quite understand what you mean, can you elaborate further please?
  3. Would be very nice if instead of shops having unlimited amounts of items they're selling, each item has its own stock which decreases when any player purchases that item and increases either over time and/or when a player sells that respective item to the shop. When the shop has 0 stock of an item, the item is unavailable for purchase.
  4. Thanks for answering. Not particularly excellent with C# but I'll try modifying the source.
  5. Hello, new user of Intersect here. So far it seems fantastic. One thing though: Am I able to create a player-run economy ingame? For example, take RuneScape. In the game, shops have a limited stock of items. When a player purchases an item, the stock of the item in that shop will decrease. One the stock is 0, players are unable to purchase the respective item until the stock goes back up. The stock can increase with two methods: one, the player sells their item to the shop and that respective item's stock increases, or two, the stock increases over time naturally (i.e once every 30 seconds the stock goes up by 1). Is there a way to implement this or is this currently not possible in Intersect? Because at the moment, shops have an infinite stock of every item. Thanks.
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