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  1. Can someone make a change in the intersect engine to work well in Windows 10? Aplly the function to use decals and Parallax if its possible. Its only one idea. Thanks Anyway!! I want to see this engine grow!
  2. In Windows 7 It worked well! Windows 10 dont work!
  3. Drakan


    Someone are working in Intersect Engine to update and improve?
  4. its a i5 with hd intel graphics integrated... Windows 10.
  5. Not like this. Like That! It happens with all tile sizes. I use 32x32.
  6. I said wrong, i refer to mouse icon "arrow". My editor lag all the time.
  7. My Editor have lag, the block dont follow the mouse arrow. There is a way to fix it? for the editor flow better.
  8. The selected tile + the pencil option, i click on the map editor nothing happen until i move the map to one sida and he show editions. The block or tile dont follow the arrow key. Its a Huge lag. how do i fix it?
  9. That is it. And block dont follow arrow key. how do i fix it?
  10. Drakan


    Where i can find or buy a good tileset to build a medieval mmorpg? I found only one and i didnt like it. Thanks!
  11. These are the tiles or art of PVGames. There is a way that i can minimize the resolution without quality loss? The server and client work with 256x256 tiles. Only Map editor dont. Deleting mapcache.db dont work. I will put the logs. https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/ascensiongamedev/filehost/fc88eec03e1b4ab83efe6f02d91e7bfe.log
  12. Shenmue. Thanks for the Reply. I did all that. The server works, but the editor crashes when opened. I dont know what to do. The max size tile i got without problem was 64x64, above that... I need 256x256.
  13. Hello. I wanna know if i can change the tile resolution and map size to 256x256. Its the size of my tiles. If yes. How can i change the size of player to fit well in the map? Thanks in advance!
  14. My Editor dont work. Dont show Tiles, when show dont work. I tried a lot o things. I tested versions 5 and 6. Same error. What should i do? Its a compatibility problem with Notebook? Thanks!
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