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  1. Made a map, where you have to escape the Twin Oracles in 1 minute. Lots of obstacles along the way, Kaori will be hunting you down while her sister Rina will be blocking the path one way or the other. When two Rook pieces work together they become a powerful force, will you be able to escape within one minute? Will upload a video when it's complete.
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    Paying For.

    Ohhh. Nice DM me when you have the chance.
  3. Eri and friends just chillin in the bathhouse and other junk.
  4. Trying to put a timer on the mob but to no prevail. Every time someone relogs into the game the mob just disappears, does the (Global Variable) reset when someone relogs? So I tried doing a conditional branch where If: Global Variable = 1, set to 1 on login but not sure if that did anything because the mob still doesn't spawn on regular intervals. So I'm going to believe its the On Death (for killer). set on the mob. How do I make this a automatic spawn without using the NPC editor to spawn. On Map Mob_Name (Global Variable) = 0 Wait... 30 Minutes (1800000) Spawn (Mob) X,Y Mob_Name (Global Variable) = 1 Autorun Common Event Attached to On Death (for killer). Set on mob Show Chatbox Taxt Mob_Name (Global Variable) = 0
  5. I think George made them. Looking at the monster art, and field art they look quite similar.
  6. Still having a bit of difficulty. The phases work well but the spawn doesn't seem to want to spawn. When someone relogs, the spawn on the Autorun disappears. Problems - Getting it to spawn initially. Without having to use NPC Editor times. - Boss not disappearing when a player logs or relogs in. - Having it not spawn again while in other phases. - That or my variables are wrong. Or another global variable is interfering. So I have this event running on map as Autorun Then this is attached to mob when it goes to it's 2nd phase. Final Phase is the same as the 2nd Phase. When it die's it launches an announcement, that's what I though of putting the timer before it sets Yuuki to 1 again to spawn. However it doesn't do that.
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    Update Log: We celebrate the grand opening of the bathhouse. Also the release of the Assassin Corp. Bishop Yuuki. - New Void Weapons. - Bath towels for your bathing needs, with Syo and Otame as the owners of the bathhouse taking care of your healing needs. - Death Screen, with random messages. - Usable item drops from all bosses are dropped at 50% - Lots of death screens because of Yuuki.
  8. Nevermind class spawn point wasn't set.
  9. So when you die in a certain area your set spawn rate is that area. I have a common event that warps the player away however I still see the map for .3 second of where the set spawn area of death is. How do I avoid this or change the area, I went on the admin console and killed myself but to no avail, it still teleports me where the boss killed me for .3 second before the common event runs on respawn.
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    First Post Overhaul. Edited most information.
  11. Is there a way to have events for a Username and that Username only?
  12. Got it thanks, idk I think I was high yesterday not doing such a simple variable lol
  13. I want the boss phase one to spawn on a hourly. However I want to avoid it spawning in when Phases 2 and Phase 3 are out. Start the hourly spawn when Phase 3 is dead. Would anyone know how to set this up?
  14. Basically a timer that resets the variable on the room. So if someone is using the room right when the Global timer exhausts another player can enter? My instance is where, there are three rooms. Room 1) One of the player logged off in the room. Nobody can enter that room ever until that player logs in. Room 2) It works perfectly fine people can come and go and no one logged off on it. Room 3) Works like room 2. This is a change room, I don't want people coming in while people are changing. Opening it through a global timed event is out of the option for me. Only Option: A perverted bath owner who has the ability to open change rooms. Unless there is a way to prevent logging off while in a change room that would be cool. Or having the variable reset when a person logs off. This is quite difficult lol.
  15. So I have conditionals going. If a player is in a room, no one can enter until he/she comes out of the occupied room. However if a person phantom logs off, never returns the room is doomed to be locked forever. Does anyone have a solution for this? - I already have something if the player relogs back into the game. However - Logging off forever, forever locks the room. How do I fix this?
  16. Searched everywhere on site for a 6.2 release and couldn't find unless i'm blind af.
  17. I have a client that is 6.2 that was built for me, to have its default resolution set to 1360x768 but it is incompatible with both my current build 6.1.259 nor the other builds that are released on this site: 6.2.453 and 6.2.3. Now he is charging me for the folder it's compatible for. I don't know what to do. Unless there is a 6.2 build that I am unaware of?
  18. Cast animation? only if you are casting correct? - Unless? I make an animation last for more then the cast time. Then you have a effect just lingering till the time of the trap is complete. Now I have to see if that works.
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    Paying For.

    Yes, what is your price? Post till remain till services are met. - Transactions been paid (However waiting for the service) - Transaction failed to meet need.
  20. Trying to get the timing right before cast and death. As you can see the spell is still casted even after death. Does cleanse have anything to do with it?
  21. I will record you a instance in this case.
  22. For a trap to work, how does one exactly get a trap to display on the ground? Or make it that people can actually see the traps?
  23. Oh I thought it was just the ability itself.
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    Paying For.

    Default reso 1366, 768. or removing the other options.
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