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  1. GamingGuyMike

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    @Akihiko It can, but perfer Pokemon Revolution Online Storyline Animations a lot better. I'm also inspired by my other development team I was working for scene focusing on story telling. When we switch to .net for v4.0 we will have some of those type animations you seen in that video up above, But everything being set and position mostily like Legacy of Goku, for Holding Down Beam Button, Blast Clashing, and much much more. Also @Yalashanda You didn't quit your dbz team right? Quit to look for paid offers on spriting, when you was really good spriter for the dbz team you were working with. I have 2-3 spriters who enjoy working for the pleasure of others to enjoy a 2D MMORPG DBZ Game and not once expected $$$, just the same as me working on the game itself. if I ever got any donation it go straight to development like VPS or etc. I can understand being a paid spriter, but don't give up on there team if you did. Head admin is amazing dude.
  2. GamingGuyMike

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    @Kibbelz True, But got close friends building a .net engine as well, and there adding a lot of unique things that will have features already pre-set for the dbz game, cause its being develop for the dbz game + Usage Engine. I like Intersect and Orion+, but just seeing what my Developers are gonna do.
  3. GamingGuyMike

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    It looks very laggy, and wouldn't expect that to be in vb6 tbh. But surprisingly it is, and its a good and bad system as I look at it. Perfer .net over many languages, and due to the fact that vb6 won't be able on computers in the near feature is gonna piss a lot of people off and destroy there projects if they don't move to a higher language.
  4. GamingGuyMike

    DBZ Renaissance

    Looks very nice! Btw are you going to put the health bar below the player or keep it above? Love the GUI Work as well! Btw what graphics you using btw? dx7 or dx8?
  5. GamingGuyMike

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    Looks like that Naruto Game was made with rpg xp, and the coding very werid. But Eclipse is kinda limited on that, but we're focusing on long blast control, and blast clash into each other. We're also focus on moving the game into vb.net as well to have full control like something in that video. Legacy of Goku how you hold down the kamehameha button, and when blast went into each other you had to spam the blast button, will be added into the game. I'm also going to see about rushing on each other with combos rushing into each other and whoever spams the fastest gets the more hits then the other player as well.
  6. GamingGuyMike

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    True, but the game functioning is close to Legacy of Goku, but a more push of a Action Timed Fight, and not a stand still overall face up. For the PvP it's been redone completely, and it's more unique now. We're basing the Game on the PvP, as well as a Quick Thinking Combat Movement. You make one false move and it can be your last! Nappa, and Vegeta are very dangerous and can kill you within seconds if you let your guard down. For the random keys pressing, It's that touch of a MMO Feeling when you play 3D MMORPGs and have to spam 1-9 keys for skills. CTRL Attacking Does Damage and Can kill quickly, but when you're facing a Boss you will need to use everything you have to defeat them, like a true dbz EP, Movie or Game. In DBZ games like the Playstation 4 Games you have to spam the buttons on the controller for combos, it's no different with skill keys. I love the Combat Spam Button Pressing, it's one of the Main Reasons I started the project, but I can totally understand where you coming from @Akihiko Cause I also hate random button pressing, but if you set your keys up your way you can understand the motion of the combat and how its played. Thank you for your suggestion, it's very helpful and it helps me improve gameplay. - Also PvP will be in a Video soon, maybe when I release a Tournament.
  7. GamingGuyMike

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    You did awesome @jesusbleach! It's just part of the rotaten, it takes a lot out of ya, and I appreciate it big time!
  8. GamingGuyMike

    DBZ Renaissance

    @Gibier You not working on the project anymore? No fix for the connect to client?
  9. GamingGuyMike

    Playable Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    -Pre-Release & WIP While In Pre-Release- We're Official Open to the Public! Join Our Forums @ www.dragonballz-ro.boards.net The Game has a lot to Offer, and We just finish up the Saiyan Saga! We're in WIP due to the fact of new content popping up time to time and giving you guys unique things to experience overtime, like new playable characters in the Character Shop or New Skills in General, Also including new tough boss fights that you can do with your friends and family. The Video is Self Explanatory on combat, and etc. The Combat is very unique as you can see in this video. Storyline of the Game is based on Original Storyline but with Fanmade twist added into the story itself. We just released v2.4 which has the Complete Saiyan Saga Done! We're focusing on adding a lot of the storyline that is original from the show itself and like legacy of goku, but with dragonball Super in it eventually. We have a huge and great amount of players/community that's playing the game now! Theres a Huge Selection of Staff and most of them are kept anonymous for there reasons only. But we do have a Artist/Mapper who did the video up above for us as well named @jesusbleach Download Link for the Game is a Installer, Didn't want people to join the game without signing up due to the fact if someone gets banned and wants to unban themselves by explaining to us what happen and wanna know why they was banned. - Removed - -Engine i'm using is a BR Crystal DE Custom Made, and over the 8 Months my Staff has changed so much in the engine that it's basically been redone from scratch, including upgrading everything in the engine and more as we go.
  10. GamingGuyMike

    Dragonball Z: Resurrection Online! [Now Recruiting]

  11. GamingGuyMike

    DBZ Renaissance

    Edited: My Apologizes. @Gibier if you need a extra hand on something, I can help you if you want. But your mapping skills have inspired me to wanna do this in Resurrection Online. EDITED: Btw how big is that world map? Like how big the numbers you put in the map properties?
  12. GamingGuyMike

    Dragonball Z: Resurrection Online! [Now Recruiting]

    OK GUYS WANTED TO UPDATE YOU GUYS ON THE NEWS OF THE GAME!!! I GOT A NICE DEVELOPMENT TEAM NOW HELPING ME! But we're looking for any Spriter that can just simply copy and paste on a sheet to help out with time consuming on releasing more playable characters. We're also in need of Mappers, We have two at the moment, but mainly one for sure. We need more so we can speed up Dragonball Z Saga Releases. We also almost hit 100 signed up players on our Community Forums @ http://dragonballz-ro.boards.net/ If you would like to sign up and download the game when Closed BETA 2 is Released soon you can goto our Forums and sign up. We also provide our Discord Chat on the Forums as well for our Live Chat and Early Updates before they hit the Site. If you're interested in joining the team just let me know! We be Releasing the Game to the Public Very Soon! Read the site Announcements/Development-Logs to see whats been going on. Big Thanks To Everyone That Did Join The Forums From This Post! - Wanna Support DBZRO Development by helping with Server Hosting - Development Funds you can donate to us @ Paypal darmike504@mail.com, Our Funding Goal is Just 30-50$ Thank you to the ones that do donate to the Development -
  13. GamingGuyMike

    Looking for a Pokemon Starter Kit

    Can I add you on skype and do you have a .net pokemon starterkit btw?
  14. GamingGuyMike

    Looking for a Pokemon Starter Kit

    Anyone know where I can find a Pokemon Starterkit or Pokemon VB6 PkmKit? If anyone knows or has a Client and Server of a Pokemon Game that be amazing!
  15. I found a engine with everything and 100times better the PWO! Thank you guys!