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  1. Oh thank you really much its 2 just what i wanted.
  2. Hello there i just need an answer to simple question.How to make camera follow player in intersect engine.Ty for your time.
  3. @Blestro I wish i had character slots layout like you can you help me like how does bound work i don't seem to understand i am just changeing numbers but nothing happens ....
  4. How to add Equipement slots to display in client i added gloves and ring to server/resources/config.json and made some changes to characterwindow.json in client but no luck is there some guide ?
  5. Yeah but he wqs able to change the little icon guess i need to add icon to build coz i just pasted the exe and he has ico file in his game dir ty for reply
  6. How you made it i always get intersect client icon on taskbar i see you have your telasia icon when game runs.How did you do it Uyarrr?
  7. Its all okay i was trying to connect via wi fi but my ethernet cable was in laptop too so it was taking ethernet ip addres first. ty for help
  8. Yeah i know but its still not working,do you know what is default port for lan i mean for inresect server bcs i changed in config to connect (client)
  9. I am having a problem to connect another client in LAN can somebody help me,I am not sure what i need to do i put host machine ip addres in config.json on another computer but client doesnt see the server.Is there any totorial or what is the procces of connecting clients locally over wi fi.
  10. I wanna know how to make users able to reset password,or how can i reset password if the players contact me(because i don't see reset password option). Would like to get any answer on reset password topic.
  11. Is it possible to make loot player portected?So that other players can't pick up items from mobs that you killed ?i guess that if there is an option its really hard.
  12. Oh that is unlucky i really wanted to make it work.Ty for answer.
  13. Title is the question.Can i make player move through the NPCs?please help.
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