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  1. Yes: mainmenu_login_clicked
  2. A while ago I changed the image of mainmenu_login_clicked and mainmenu_login_hovered, but now I went to make another change and even doing so, the game is keeping the old image in mainmenu_login_hovered.
  3. Can you explain to me how to use autotiles? Has this function in Intersect? Excuse me one question, but I have been trying for some time to solve this problem and it was not possible. In this particularity of graphics I have no grounded knowledge.
  4. I am trying to create mountains in my game, but the mountain tilesets I downloaded just come this way and leave a blank space in the outline. Red underlines the outlines that are square and not round. Please help me. https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/1f4d92a0579a590c673194240ae7d923.png
  5. How do I choose to change color in fonts, example: 255,255,255,255
  6. When I talk to an npc the image always appears in the middle, is there any way to change the position of that image? And can I also set an option to minimize chat and open whenever I want?
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded. Please close the topic. The problem was the lack of use of hide picture.
  8. I want the action button to work again only when the player closes the image.
  9. Yes. My wish is the event only works again when the image the player just saw closes, if not when the player tries to close the image, it opens the image again. The alternative would be to remove the left mouse button and switch to another, but the left button is used by most. It should have a close option when opening an image, ie where we direct as well as the objects of the character.
  10. The mistake was mine. I just forgot to change the change in the event below. Sometimes we get distracted and cause this inattention. Thanks for trying to help, Dashplant. <3
  11. I am trying to add 2 helmet slots, one for hair and one for armor head. I managed to add the slot and everything, but one works on the doll and the other does not, the other just comes in as an object without image. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm trying to get an npc where my players can choose their hair: the problem is that I put an image and I want the player to close the image, the choice questions (black, blue, yellow) appear, but right after opening the image , the image is above it, and when I close the image and the player is near npc, it opens the image again. If you have no way, is there a choice for the text message to appear below the image?
  13. Do you have Facebook or Whatsapp?
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