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  1. QufitMOV

    Mount system

    And you can tell me exactly how you can do this through events, and then I understand a little about events.
  2. QufitMOV

    Mount system

    To all the heiots. There was a question about the mount system, can it somehow be done so that when you press a special skill, the character would sit on some kind of beast or something like that. Is it possible to do this, and how?
  3. QufitMOV

    [Recrutement] Shinobi Renewal

    A cool idea, but it will be difficult to reproduce in real life.
  4. QufitMOV

    How to add an area with "News"

    This is somehow difficult for me, you could not explain in more detail.
  5. There was a question on the main menu, as it is possible to add a new area, let's say "News" on the picture to make like someone who can help, write.
  6. QufitMOV

    Transformation Skill

    When using an incremental skill, writes "Transformation" and nothing happens.
  7. QufitMOV

    How to omit the logo in the game

    Thank you for your prompt and understandable answer.
  8. I have such a problem, the logo is too high in the game, how can I omit it? In which file and how?
  9. QufitMOV

    Transformation Skill

    All hi, the other day I saw a cool chip in "Skills" is "Transformation" there Tipo choose the sprite, etc., I potestil and what chip, writes that "Transformation" but nothing happens, who can help with this? Thank you in advance!
  10. QufitMOV

    How to compile the game

    All hai, there was a question. How can I compile the game. So that there are not so many files.
  11. QufitMOV

    Choice of hair

    Thank you so much.
  12. QufitMOV

    Choice of hair

    Hello everyone, the other day I saw the game and noticed there that you can have a character (when choosing it) to change the color of hair, for girls only hair, for guys other. I asked myself a question how to do this, I searched a lot for what. I hope for your help, for earlier thanks. I mean how to add a choice of hair when choosing a character
  13. QufitMOV

    Creating a game in the style of MMORPG

    Thanks for the answer, I'll try
  14. All hi, I recently came up with the idea of creating games in the style of MMORPG, but I tried to watch different videos "How to create a game," "Lessons in creating games," etc. I often tried to create games on Unity, but it's too difficult for me, and lessons are difficult (3 :), many can say that "You have hands from one place," or something else, but I'm just kalich and lazy. I like design, I study a programmer, I like 2D MMORPG games, I tried the Intersect Engine (I did not understand it well), Eclipse (I often tried, but could not). I would like to know if there are lessons on creating games by easy way and so on. For earlier thanks: D