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  1. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    server online again download patcher at this link, I'm still working on a Launcher
  2. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    Do you run as an administrator? the server is Offline now I'm working on some things, online again in a few hours I'll let you's know when online.
  3. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    I'm working on the moves, the basic damage is already working.
  4. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    Thanks, yes it is in VB6. not sure if I understood the question about the battle system could be more specific?
  5. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    /////////////////////////////////////////// /// Pokémon Genesis Online /// /////////////////////////////////////////// Hello I'm working on a project called Pokémon Genesis Online is currently in alpha I know there are several online pokemon games but why not do my own? PGO was born through the PCO yes Pokémon Cyrus online I'm not very good with texts and my English is not one of the best, so please excuse me So let's go. Main features -> TP system (each lvl you get 3tp to distribute between Atk, Df, Spd etc. 1tp in Hp = 2 as Cyrus '' PCO '') -> Pokémon Battles (PvP, NPC, Wild) -> Trainer card -> Trading (Pokémon and Items) -> Roster -> Evolution -> Bag -> Various items (Pokeball, Potions, Clothes, evolution stones etc ...) -> Bank -> Travel -> Gyms -> Catching -> Honey -> Pokémon storage -> NPC dialogs, quests etc. -> Shiny Pokémon (20TP free) -> Gen 1 to 6 pokémon (All are animated Sprites like Na 5 generation) -> 621 moves -> Pokémon Item Drop -> Pokécenter (Fast Healing) -> Pokédex (already complete as a guide for the player) -> Player profile -> and more Forum: http://pokegenesis.boards.net/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGenesisOnline/ discord channel: https://discord.gg/YMemnuG I will update later posting more information some screenshots: Map Travel Bag Battle Rooster