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  2. It would be great if we could use these: Here:
  3. I'm an idiot, I was high when I upgraded (its legal in canada) and completley flew over the version number haha.
  4. Mapyo

    Nation At War

    The scene where you need the torch is sick.
  5. @Ainz Ooal Gown You were right! @jcsnider Thanks man! EDIT: Just upgraded and im still having the problem.
  6. I'll work on a tutorial when I am free.
  7. It looks like the latest update (B6.1) breaks this. Maybe it's just me but I am pretty sure something breaks now after the sceen goes black. All that happens to me now after I die is just the black screen. I have to re-log and teleport to the place I wanna be.
  8. Are you looking for a guilds system? I have one in place for my game using just the event editor, I will release a tutorial when I get the time if you want. ^When it mean's "pay" it means there's a gold fee to create a guild and there^ ^is a fee to change the guild name, and it goes up the more you change^ It requires 6.1 but you can invite and kick players from your guild, it has a max of 15 players per guild however there aren't any advanced features and no cool UI just chat commands.
  9. Pretty simple concept; there are global variables (applies to everyone) and player variables (applies to just the character). Account Variables would apply to the account and all of the account holders characters. Ways you could use this: If an account has a character that has beaten the tutorial/intro in the past, then give the player an option to skip a tutorial/intro. Unlocking something after you have 2 (or more, its up to you) characters that have completed a quest or an end-game boss.
  10. That or until they regain enough HP.
  11. I agree with the idea but it feels a bit harsh to those who actually mean to trade or send a party invite. Maybe add an option to deny party/trade invites from players while in combat and reduce the size of party/trade invites to just pop up above the chat box. Large enough so you notice it but small enough that it wont block your view or stop your movement.
  12. I am a little confused, what are these numbers supposed to mean? I thought it was RGB but with the 4th number being brightness or contrast but that doesn't seem to be the case. I insert a Red RGB value and get Blue, a Green RGB value and get Black, a Yellow RGB value and get Pink. Would anyone be able to tell me what this is and if so could you link me to a colour picker for it? Code Snippet: "Aggressive": { "Name": "255,0,0,255", "Outline": "255,0,0,0", "Background": "180,0,0,0" }
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