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  1. < ===== Winner right here.
  2. I've looked into the files of other games made with the Intersect Engine and I have seen that many assets in those games, such as tilesets and entity sprites have a different file name than PNG. Making it impossible to view them. I was wondering how I would do that for my game to make it difficult for others to steal them.
  3. Mapyo

    Server Hosting

    @Zeepanda hey, at-least it means people are god damn hyped for Beta 4!
  4. Mapyo

    Server Hosting

    @jcsnider Ahh, okay thanks! I think I'll still go with them because of the crazy low pricetag. Its only $11.94 CAD. And I know you have been asked this a BILLION times... But any updates on Beta 4's release date?
  5. Mapyo

    Server Hosting

    Thanks for the replies all! @jcsnider does that mean I am not able to host my server through Michael's website? Or can I however its just not optimized for Intersect and could make it difficult to interface with the server
  6. Mapyo

    Server Hosting

    @jcsnider did this ever end up happening? If it did can you tell me where I have to go to get set up. :
  7. I know I am nowhere close to having a playable game with objectives and all that but recently I got thinking about what I am going to do for hosting the server for my game. I sure as hell wont be running it on my PC, so I would like to know what/where I have to look for server hosting. How does it work? I know its going to cost money but how much? Can I get some links? Thanks!
  8. My friend recently got into pixel art and could really use an opinion about the water and line at the bottom of the lakes GIF Screen Shot (via Gyazo) Still Image Vote
  9. I am a moron, thanks dude. @Marsh how do I set this to solved?
  10. So my server has been up and running for about a month now. I can connect, my friends and strangers can connect all is well and it still is to this day. However I recently purchased a new Laptop and have all the game files downloaded on my PC. I open the server on my main PC and open the Editor on my main PC, it works and I am able to connect. However on my lap top, I have tried using "localhost" I have tried using my IP that I use for others to connect and I am unable to get the Editor on the laptop to connect the server on my main rig. What do I need to do to get this to work? (Note that everyone else not connected to my router, is able to connect.)
  11. Mapyo


    Correct me if I am wrong, but couldn't you just make an equippable item with high speed and a horse paperdoll? It could work as a temporary thing until source is released to the public, a place holder I guess. Maybe make a wolf mount that can be in the weapon slot and can attack.
  12. @Draken I'm not using hamachi, and everything is working properly, people can connect and play and the ports are forwarded. I just cant connect unless its set to local host. I have no use for No-IP plus installing it makes Avast go crazy.
  13. UPDATE!: So the game is up and working however I cant connect with my own IP I have to use localhost, and this causes some problems because all the game files are stored on DropBox and all my friends that are developing right now need the config file set to my IP in order to connect. As @antarcticPuppy said, its working and everyone else can connect but I cannot. No, I am not going to switch to Github because it would just cause more confusion to all my fellow developers than its worth, plus Github changes nothing about my IP situation. Yes, the IP is static. @Gibier
  14. @antarcticPuppy I have the client and its not vanilla, uploaded on Mega. And you say some are public IP's and some are not. How do you tell? My ports are also forwarded and open,and canyouseeme.org says they can see me
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