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  1. lmfao, thanks man. That transparencies thing will help for now!
  2. Hello all, I'm going to make this short and sweet, is there a way to use the "Show Picture" event but with a fade-in rather than a cut? If not could I use multiple images with transparencies to create this effect? And Is there a way to apply a screen shake effect similar to what you can see in RPG Maker? I have a feeling that the answer is going to be 'source' but I'm hoping there is something I am missing in the editor. Thanks a bunch!
  3. I would love to do a huge tutorial series on Intersect but I feel like there is still more I need to learn first.
  4. Please share this w/ others so we can spread the word and make it a popular request! Thanks!
  5. Hello friends, I am working on guards and other NPC's for questing areas in my game, and I came to realize something... NPC's will follow you to the end of the god damn earth! Seriously though, this can be abused to get new players killed by kiting high level mobs to lower level areas and then dropping your aggro by entering a new area or just logging, now I know this sounds like a simple little flaw with how NPC's currrently work but it can really mess with a game. Imagine walking into a dungeon to see that players have already been through and has kited all enemies to the end of the dungeon. Not only are you now screwed over because you have tons of enemies on you (which are supposed to be spread out across the dungeon) but you also don't get the experience the developers intended for you to have. This problem also affects guards who stop hostiles from entering city/town/village gates! Sure you could just use an NPC block but having a guard that will defend you and prevent enemies from entering the kingdom is more immersive and really gives the game a nice touch. The problem you ask? Those guards will run after anything they see and will not return to their post ever! Theres a solution here that I think we can all agree this engine needs, and that is more NPC Behaviour settings! Here are a few settings I think should be added! Roam - This is currently in the engine already, the option is called "Move Randomly". This mode is for when you want the Original style of NPC movement, no changes to what is currently in the engine. Guard - This behaviour setting will have the NPC stand still (or rotate randomly) and will attack (if attacked) enemies it sees withing its sight range (or when it gets hit) and will chase it until it the enemy leaves its guarding radius. If the enemy leaves the guarding radius then the guard will return to the spot it was set to spawn at. Radius - This behaviour setting will have the NPC roam around within its "Roam Radius" and will attack (if attacked) enemies it sees withing its sight range (or when it gets hit) if the enemy leaves the "Roam Radius" then it would stop attacking the enemy. Kiting Definition: End Note:
  6. Is this like, each player can plant and harvest their own crops? If so, give me!
  7. When I release my game I plan to create an expansion every 3 months that would increase the level cap, bring new class's to play and increase your maximum characters count. (Not all at the same time :P) However I was curious if it is safe to change these setting post launch? I have had some bad experiences with tweaking server settings and I don't want to do something that may screw something else up.
  9. It would be great if we could use these: Here:
  10. I'm an idiot, I was high when I upgraded (its legal in canada) and completley flew over the version number haha.
  11. Mapyo

    Nation At War

    The scene where you need the torch is sick.
  12. @Ainz Ooal Gown You were right! @jcsnider Thanks man! EDIT: Just upgraded and im still having the problem.
  13. I'll work on a tutorial when I am free.
  14. It looks like the latest update (B6.1) breaks this. Maybe it's just me but I am pretty sure something breaks now after the sceen goes black. All that happens to me now after I die is just the black screen. I have to re-log and teleport to the place I wanna be.
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