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    Painting stage is done, now I can finally do the other tasks
  2. gamedev

    Updated main page of the game http://kozyr.org/project/chronicles-of-cyberpunk/
  3. gamedev

    Several new screenshots. I decided to find the music on freesound.org. There are cool ambient-tracks with the type of license, allowing me to use them in commercial projects without the author's consent. There are no prices for such people who post them. I added them to the game and now everything is much more atmospheric. I've already run around a hundred times, but now with music, the game feels completely different. And also added audio effects for cars, drones, refrigerators, etc. And finished almost all icons of the characters, 4 more characters left
  4. gamedev

    Now working on animations. 54 characters is done, 30-40 is left
  5. gamedev

    Development diary. Here's how the game looks now
  6. gamedev

    Thanks=) Thanks, it is my first game and I have no experience with VR, so I can't promise, but maybe I'll do it in the future
  7. gamedev

    Tnanks, yes, it is Unity. And it will looks better in the end - with lights and more details)
  8. gamedev

    Now I program the entire game on the acts. In difficult places (where you need to make a cut-scene, animations of people, boss fights, etc.) put the plug in the code, so you can play without them. I'll complete it later. Now I've done 7 acts out of 28. Total left: - Program other 21 act - Complete models of people and animations - Boss fights - Put sounds / music - Make the cut scenes
  9. gamedev

    Thanks) You could talk to other people, search for keys, play different mini-games and fight bosses
  10. gamedev

    Thanks! I do my best =)
  11. gamedev

    Story of the game And some art:
  12. Chronicles of cyberpunk is adventure in the city of the near future in which power belongs to the big brother and his supercomputer. You have to convince the inhabitants of the city is in danger of artificial intelligence and fight together with the forces of cyborgs. Game is one year in development already. Twitter Site of the game Demo Story and atmosphere of the game inspired by a lot of movies, games and images about cyberpunk. One of my main goals is to create a world to which the player wants to plunge and which he did not want to leave. I make this game every day, so it inevitably moves to the release. Game will contain a lot of handmade artwork and many models.