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  1. 9.Add multiple server option and cross server battle arena. 10.Add Ranking system.
  2. Problems 1.Data Syncing Suggestions 1.You can add Pet System, 2.Guild System 3.Player Costumes and Wings(Increases Movement Speed) 4.Bank System 5.Add Buttons for chat commands [Example: Add Global Button for /global] 6.Housing System in which you can buy a warehouse to store some items there(optional). 7.AFK Mode/AFK System in which user enable afk mode then its player kills nearby enemies automatically. 8.Remove Exit option and Add Logout option.
  3. Thanks for informing!!
  4. Hey admins and developers can you guys please tell us where is the source code of intersect engine like orion +?
  5. Thank You Admin I checked orion+ source codes on github but there is no link for the source codes of intersect ,..
  6. Thanks dude for the quick reply but there is no .sln or .vbproj file How can i compile it??
  7. Nice release but where are the source codes??????
  8. oooh its ok buddy and i know the structure of mmorpg creater and thank you
  9. hey friends i know that giving the files to clients is like challenging hackers to hack our game but this kit check many things and if you are a good programmer then you can add many more verification points in your game and the good thing about rpg maker mv is that it export the game for websites also so if you dont want to give your client all the files then simply add your game on your website . And i also know about rmx-os but JCSNIDER can you pls tell me how you linked the pokemon essential with RMX-OS or you can send me the link of your project ? Thank you
  10. Actually blue rpg maker mv graphics is really good . and making game with mv is also easy if we can link this engine with server and database using this type of kit then it will help many other peoples
  11. thanks
  12. hey pls udate the link. link is not working
  13. thank you ! And here is a good news also i just fixed a bug now our accounts activate properly but now i want to fix the second bug. About second bug: players cant see each others online. But it is very difficult for me because i know only about c++ , i cant handle javascript codes so i need help if anyone know javascript then pls try to fix this bug thank you
  14. Dude I installed all the things with no error but I don't know why this kit not working . I notice 2 bugs in this kit when I register then it activation mail sender system not works properly and when two players join the game then they can't able to see each other . so pls help me if you can fix these bugs
  15. i can make maps for pokemon but in rpg maker mv i dont know which engine you are using for making your game ,,,so if you can convert rpg maker mv maps into your engine files then reply me . also tell me the name of your engine for making all of this easier. Thank you