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  1. how can i get the player x so if he is in the tile with x at a map to warp the player to another location like the warp, but in source
  2. i just wanted the name thank you
  3. not in server? i mena on enter when the player enters the world what to check or do
  4. ah isnt it to get the player's actual X coord?
  5. found it lock the topic
  6. The Index at GetPlayerX(index) is the map?
  7. you could also try orion+ it has its source shared
  8. im using orion+ engine, which has shared source for intersect there is this plugin:
  9. Where can i find onEnter function? so i can add some things?
  10. Cant i add more than the max npc/maps/items etc? that show me?
  11. there is /setadmin but then it does nth
  12. haha true
  13. ah ok thank you
  14. How cna i give to my player so i can login threw editor?
  15. ah ok thank you