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  1. WIP Isolated Paradise

    got a new website!
  2. WIP Shinki : Sacred treasures

    good luck
  3. VB6 Updater

    my bad here you are
  4. VB6 Updater

    Because my old updater was deleted, ive created a new one with VB6. Its not sth, its just a simple file downloader that has a version check too. Download link with source:
  5. WIP Isolated Paradise

    Alpha is up! Download link: paradise.rar?dl=0
  6. WIP Isolated Paradise

    thank you i will try
  7. Max number of players

    eclipse cna support more as soon as you change the values, although if you have lag you can reprogram the networking
  8. WIP Isolated Paradise

    im always trying to fix and make better maps and thank you
  9. WIP Isolated Paradise

    In around an hour the alpha will start, although it wont be on for much time! pm me here or in the game's forum to get access!
  10. WIP Isolated Paradise

    i needed the source :/ thx for the feedback
  11. WIP Isolated Paradise

    Topic updated!
  12. Server Hosting

    check for OVH
  13. How to work server?

    you need ot open ports, in order to open the server, also its good to make your ip static
  14. Errors on Source

    ah oke, because i wanted to remove the register and change the icon, anyway thank you
  15. Errors on Source

    I wanted to ask , ive decompiled the source and linked with the dll files, but the compiler is getting 969 errors :P, i just want to check the source not to edit it, but do u know why? added reference to: thx in advanced and in client i get 3293 errors