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Construction system



Good time of day. The question is probably too naive and the answer to it, I think, is obvious, but still I will ask: is it possible to implement a construction system in the game? Or is such a possibility being considered for further implementation?

Although, I saw how the "vegetable garden" system was implemented on this engine and I think the answer is obvious..

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Depending on the limits you want to set on this system it is technically doable through the eventing system but t here are a lot of obstacles to overcome there.
Gardening is very doable through events along but since construction is a tad more complex, it would require a bit more tinkering.


If we're talking building entire houses, it is very unlikely to be possible. If we 're just talking about making furniture inside a house, very doable with the eventing system.

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16 hours ago, Reddoman said:

Меня тоже интересует строительная система, лол. Если ты что-нибудь выяснишь, дай мне знать :перевернутый вниз:. Я думаю, что нашел пост, похожий на этот?


Thanks, it's worth a try.



If I come up with something, I will definitely let you know :)

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